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Cromwell Subtitles English [BEST]

As in our "In a Lonely Place" comparison the same is true - image quality on the NTSC version is superior with more detail and film grain. Yellow subtitles again on the Region 1 (why?). The NTSC seems to have another extra that the PAL edition doesn't - some trailers. I suspect the PAL edition to have some contrast boosting. There are more subtitle and DUB options on the PAl edition, but we recommend the NTSC again for the better image.

Cromwell subtitles English

Video Article Journal of Ethology Volume 38, Issue 2, pp 155-160An elaborate behavioural sequence reinforces the decoy effect of ink during predatory attacks on squid [Video w/Jpn subtitles] Yuto Hikidi, Noritaka Hirohashi, Takashi Kasugai & Noriyosi Sato

The Red Dwarf (Not rated) Director: Yvan Le Moine. With Jean-Yves Thual, Anita Ekberg, Arno Chevrier, Dyna Gauzy. (102 min.) ++ Feeling himself a perpetual outsider because of his small stature and moody temperament, a law-office assistant strikes up emotionally charged relationships with an aging opera singer and a young circus performer, bringing strange and ultimately drastic consequences. Thuals sensitive acting and Le Moines imaginative directing dont quite manage to steer this Belgian melodrama around pitfalls of sentimentality and sensationalism. In French with English subtitles.

Run Lola Run (R) Director: Tom Tykwer. With Franka Potente, Moritz Bleibtreu, Nina Petri, Herbert Knaup, Armin Rohde. (81 min.) +++ Amazingly creative filmmaking propels this anything-goes tale of a young woman who has just 20 minutes to save her boyfriends life by raising a huge amount of cash. Tykwers style gives the movie an explosive energy that never quits, marking him as the most ingenious new talent to hail from Germany in ages. Contains violent action. In German with English subtitles.

Sitcom (Not rated) Director: Franois Ozon. With Evelyne Dandry, Franois Marthouret, Marina de Van, Adrien de Van. (80 min.) ++ Darkly satirical tale of a comfortable French family that sinks into a morass of self-destructive perversity. The movies critique of middle-class hypocrisy carries a morbid kick at times, but its so heavily influenced by the vastly superior films of Luis Buuel that his name should appear over the title. Contains explicit sexual material. In French with English subtitles.

The King of Masks (Not rated) Director: Wu Tianming. With Zhu Xu, Zhou Ren-Ying, Zhang Riuyang, Zhao Zhigang. (101 min.) +++ Dwelling in a rigidly traditional society that values youth over age and males over females, an old Chinese entertainer and a homeless little girl become unlikely partners in the quest for a reasonably contented life. The story becomes slow and repetitive during its long middle section, but the acting is expressive, and the cinematography is dazzling. +++ Fairy-like, gentle, ennobling. Sex/Nudity: None. Violence: 4 instances of a man beaten off-camera, a child bruised from a beating, and man shoots a slingshot. Profanity: 7 expressions in subtitles. Drugs: 2 scenes of smoking, 1 of drinking.

Notting Hill (PG-13) Director: Roger Michell. With Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant, Emma Chambers, Hugh Bonneville. (124 min.) +++ A world-famous Hollywood star falls inexplicably in love with a bookstore owner in a modest London neighborhood, sparking ups and downs involving a prior boyfriend and a pornography scandal. Theres some very funny dialogue, but the picture falls apart when it tries to think real thoughts about celebrity, publicity, and the media. Worst weakness: too many love-conquers-all clichs. Strongest asset: Grants dewy eyes and Robertss voluptuous mouth are a romantic-comedy dream team. +++ Charming, refreshing, good date flick. Sex/Nudity/Violence: None. Profanity: 18 expressions. Drugs: 11 instances of smoking and/or social drinking. The Red Violin (Not rated) Director: Franois Girard. With Samuel L. Jackson, Greta Scacchi, Don McKellar, Jean-Luc Bideau, Carlo Cecchi, Jason Flemyng, Sylvia Chang. (130 min.) +++ This omnibus-style film traces the fictional history of a superbly crafted violin, and the mystery attached to it, as it passes from 17th-century Italy to China during the Cultural Revolution, with stops in Austria and England along the way. Movies in this genre are often made with more attention to international marketing than first-rate storytelling, but Girard invests each episode of this Canadian production with dramatic credibility and emotional strength. In four languages, with English subtitles when appropriate. 041b061a72


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