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Buy The Numbers D20 Pdf Download |BEST|

Probably one of the most popular searching on the internet to do with darts! Checkout Charts! Any professional will tell you it is essential to know dart combination checkouts and to commit them to memory, however, most need a starting point and here is one you can download for FREE to help you get started.

Buy The Numbers D20 Pdf Download


If you are looking for a checkout chart with a bit more colour to place in your club or bar the I have produced a PDF version that you can download and print. Obliviously this one will take a little more ink to print so why not laminate it so it will last longer.

For a more advanced dart player, there is the middle game you all should know. Many players and as the checkout chart shows, will know that there are a few dodgy numbers in darts. These are finishes that can not be achieved with three darts yet higher checkout can. The highest checkout on a standard dartboard is 170. There is only one way this can be achieved, treble 20, treble 20, bullseye. Yet 169,168,166,165,163,162 and 159 cannot be hit to finished in three darts.

Like combination finishes, the middle game is to understand what you can score and what it is likely to leave. Like the example given above for a 77 finish the same can apply to some numbers within the middle game. Here is an example:

The checkout sheet I have produced will help new players and players that find it hard to remember out shots. The checkout sheet is FREE to download and print. So why not place one up near your boardin your club so it helps you or others improve their game!

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