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Parker Lopez
Parker Lopez

Ladyboys On A Train !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Only in Bangkok, Thailand will you find a ladyboy waiting for a train. This picture was taken at the train stop just outside of the Don Mueang International Airport. Instead of haggling with the taxis and paying 400 baht, I spent 5 baht and rode with the people. I had to wait over an hour and then it was an hour ride, but it was worth it to ride the train with a ladyboy and other cast of characters. I arrived in Hua Lamphong Train station where I could connect with the MRT and easily get to my hotel.

ladyboys on a train

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In your dreams: A senior policeman announcing with a straight face there is no prostitution in Pattaya. Apparently the resort is back to an almost pristine state having also eradicated ladyboys, assorted riff-raff and bridge players.

The joy of commuting: Owing to chronic BTS overcrowding, commuters resorting to taking trains going in the opposite direction and getting off a few stops down the line, then crossing over to the other platform in a futile bid to find a seat or at least a more comfortable place to stand.

Best BTS experience: Meeting a teacher from Saraburi escorting her pre-teen pupils on their first-ever trip to the Big Mango. Taking her phone out she told the students to pose next to me on the train. She explained to them that when they got back home they could tell friends they had actually met a farang, albeit a funny-looking one, on the train in Bangkok. 041b061a72


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