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Tokyo Olympics Conclude

The 32nd Summer Olympics in Tokyo has come to an end. It was originally scheduled to take place between July 24th - August 9th 2020, marking the first time in history the Olympic Games were rescheduled. Three prior games were cancelled. 1916 (Berlin: WWI), 1940 (Tokyo: 2nd Sino-Japanese War), and 1944 (London: WWII).

Final Medal Count (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Total)

1) USA: 39 41 33 113

2) China: 38 32 18 88

3) Japan: 27 14 17 58

4) England: 22 21 22 65

5) Russia: 20 28 23 71

USA Women's Volleyball defeated Brazil in the Finals, clinching the gold-medal count with 39, for the 3rd straight Summer Olympics. USA previously won 46 gold medals in both Rio de Janeiro and London. In the 2008 Beijing Games, China bested USA 48 to 36 in the gold medal count; however, USA won the total medal count 112 to 100.

The 2024 Summer Olympic Games will be held in Paris from July 26th to August 11th.

Gold Firsts

1st Gold for Bermuda (Flora Duffy: Triathlon)

1st Gold for siblings on same day (Hifumi & Uta Abe: Judo)

1st Gold for U.S. black woman (Tamyra Mensah: Wrestling)

1st Gold for the Philippines (Hidilyn Diaz: Weightlifting)

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